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I’ve added a “comment feed”: in RSS 2.0 format.

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  1. Have you thought of styling your XML file with CSS? This way it can be viewed with regular browsers, which some people might prefer – say, because there is no way to read feeds in M2 as of yet, and using non-Opera newsreaders is not a viable option because of the software forcing the user to view pages in IE.

  2. I have _thought_ about adding a stylesheet, and have written some experimental stylesheets,but for the time being, I have opted not to. The reason is simply that newsfeeds have never been meant for viewing directly in a web browser, and I do not wish to encourage such use.
    Up until this comment feed, all feeds have had a more web-browser-friendly version through the front page. I do realise that this feed does not have such a direct equivalent, and I might at some point in the future create a remedy for this.
    I just made some small changes to the newsfeed page, explaining that a newsfeed is actually meant to be read by dedicated software, and I also created a list of such software and services.
    Since you’re an Opera/M2 user, I’m going to point you in the direction of “NNTP//RSS”:, a free aggregator that acts as a “man-in-the-middle”-aggregator, converting RSS feeds to NNTP newsgroups, which you can comfortably read in M2. The software is written in Java, so it should run on most platforms.