More fun with :target

Some of you have probably seen my “CSS3: fun with target demo”: I’ve added 58 lines of Javascript that allows the windows to be:
* Clicked: When you click on a window, it should receive focus and be brought to the top of the stack. Just by setting the location.hash property. CSS does the rest.
* Dragged: Grab the titlebar of any of the three “windows” and drag them around. Please note that dragging semi-transparent images around provides a rather jerky and unpleasant experience on older computers.
You might also want to read the “original announcement”:

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  1. Great work! And all with standard-compliant code. Doesn’t work at all in IE, but that’s Microsoft’s fault, not yours. Neat. #:-)

  2. Michael

     /  2006-01-10

    It works in Safari 1.3; however, if you click on a window that is already selected (to drag it around, for example) the browser reloads the page for some reason. I have no idea why.

  3. Michael: That is indeed a bug in Safari.