New help files

A few days ago, Brad Choate posted a guide on “how to run your entire site with Movable Type”: This was something I had thought about doing for a while, especially since I wanted an easier way of managing my helpfiles.

I have now moved my helpfiles to the new static section, and the first advantage you’ll notice is that the help files are now as searchable as the normal blog entries. The new pages are:
* “Help index”:
* “Contact information”:
* “Comment Posting Policy”: Read this before you leave a comment or trackback on this site.
* “Privacy Policy”:
* “XML”: Describes the various feeds I offer for syndication.
If you feel that anything is missing from the help files, or you feel questions are left unanswered, it is possible to leave comments in the help index. I’m currently working on writing an accessibility and browser compatibility statement.

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