MP3 and DivX

# Would you buy more CD’s and DVD’s if these products also bundled high-quality MP3 and DivX versions of the content?
# If you are, has been, or plan to become a user of P2P networks: Would you refrain from, or reduce downloading music and movies from P2P networks if the CD’s and DVD’s bundled the said MP3’s and DivX’es?

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  1. I don’t think that would be a good enough alternative, because I can already get those, legally without filesharing.
    The problem presented to the community is that the RIAA and MPAA are moving down roads where all content is locked up in DRM and traditional media is replaced with a pay to play type system.
    You may remember the original Divx player that bombed several years ago. The intent was to get consumers to purchase disks for a hugely discounted price, but had to pay a fee to watch (much like renting a movie from blockbuster, $5 for 3 days, etc).
    That is what the RIAA and MPAA want and they are using litigation and lobbying to achieve it.
    To answer your question, no, it would not entice me to buy more CD’s/DVD’s if the electronic content were provided. Not treating me like a criminal, not sealing up content behind DRM and lowering prices would, however.
    Feel free to agree or disagree, but it’s just my opinion.

  2. Oops, forgot to answer number 2:
    I generally tend to avoid P2P systems all-together. Since Napster fell, I decided it was best to just avoid the whole thing.

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  4. Note: for question 1, I am not talking about DRM-crippled content. I am talking about content that I buy, and then can bring with me on my portable music/video player, without having to go through the trouble of ripping/encoding it myself.
    I don’t particularily condone piracy, no matter how much RIAA and MPAA are acting like out-of-control vigilantes. The end result of their scarecrow tactics is that I buy and listen to less music, and buy and watch fewer movies than I used to.

  5. Jor

     /  2003-07-23

    1: No. I rip my own OGGs and XVIDs. Also see #2.
    2: No, since I use ‘MP3s’ and ‘DivXs’ to PREVIEW content I wish to buy.
    Since many CDs these days are crippled so that I cannot play them before I make a backup (few CDs are Red Book audio, most are riddled with errors which break my CD player, so I can only play them in my DVD-ROM drive), and DVD Regions make it difficult for me to find movies I really wish to see, I will first preview items I am interested in before buying.
    In the case of CDs, all too often I am only interested in one or two tracks, which is not worth my €20 or more. In the case of DVDs, often the movie is so disappointing I have no interest in buying it on disc.
    If the RIAA/MPAA and their cronies were to make it possible to sample their products legally, that would get me off Kazaa etc.

  6. No. I hate buying stuff. Give me more for less.

  7. Vincent

     /  2003-09-18

    Personally, I avoid PZP systems. Napster was a big lesson for us all.