Fun with :target

Every once in a while, I like to play around with CSS, especially bleeding edge stuff, like CSS 3.
I’ve written a tiny demo that shows how CSS3 :target can be used to create effects that you previously would have to do with Javascript.
The demo works as a start at mimicing a windowing system contained within a webpage. Currently, only Safari and Mozilla support this. I have only tested in the latter, so any feedback from Safari users would be appreciated.
View the demo.

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  1. The demo works great in Safari 1.0, interesting stuff.

  2. I like. Oh and thanks for the link.

  3. Great stuff! Doesn’t seem to work in Camino, though. Guess Camino is based on an older Mozilla.

  4. hi, works well in safari 1.0
    something seems to be wrong with the trackback on your side, my bookmarklet does not discover any trackbacks, on other MT driven sites it works well.

  5. The trackback problem must reside on your end. I just tried using the “Post to MT Weblog” bookmarklet, and it correctly recognized the trackback data.

  6. css3

    interessantes css3 experiment. css3 fun :target geht mal wieder nur in ordentlichen browsern šŸ™‚ = mozilla 1.5 + safari 1.0….

  7. CSS3: Fun with :target

    Virtuelvis has a great way of playing with CSS. Another reason why CSS is the way to go šŸ™‚ btw. This seems to work with Safari and Mozilla (only?). Too bad, long live Standards Compliance…

  8. RotAtoR

     /  2003-08-19

    Works greats in Firebird 0.6.1! Love the idea. I ran into a problem when dragging the “windows” out side the viewable area though.

  9. Arwen

     /  2003-08-29

    Impressive!!!!! Not only the CSS effect, but also the nice Apple-like design!

  10. Tom

     /  2004-04-02

    Blogginnlevering 2: Blogganmeldelse.

    I faget huin105 skal det anmeldes en blogg av fritt valg, hvor karakteren teller 10% pĆ„ sluttkarakteren. Jeg har valgt Ć„ ta for meg Virtuelvis er den engelske bloggen til webutvikleren Arve Bersvendsen, den norske heter antibiomatika, m…

  11. Apparently even the IE7 Mix Beta 2 preview released a few days ago, can’t even handle :target. I just tried the demo with it. That’s disappointing.

  12. Shane

     /  2006-03-31

    This is a very impressive presentation… I’m probably being a bit dim but I can’t find the code for your ‘movement.js’ script. Can you post the code or provide a link?
    Thanks in advance,