Atomic Art?

Since it’s too hot to do anything sensible, I sat down and created some preliminary _Atom_ artwork. I’m no artist, but here goes:

* Antipixel style 80×15 button:
! style button)!
* Miniature, 48×16 logo:
! Atom logo)!
* W3C-style button, 88×31:
! Atom button)!
* Medium-sized logo, 238×90:
! Atom logo)!
h3. Update
These are not the official artwork, anything semi-official can be found at “AtomEnabled website”: and the “Feedvalidator”: sites.
_You are free to *use* these images, but you will *need* to download copy them to your own server. They may not work if hotlinked._
* “Download images”:

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  1. Very Nice