Trackbacks as bookmarks, update

I’ve made an update to the TrackBacks as bookmarks bookmarklet. It now works with MSIE (I’ve tested with MSIE 6sp1). There are two different versions of the bookmarklet, one that’s just URL and title, and another that allows for entering an excerpt. Right-click the appropriate bookmarklet, and add it to your your bookmarks/favourites. When you have added the bookmarklet, you will have to hand-edit the bookmark and substitute “your_trackback_url” with your actual trackback URL.

Trackback without excerpt
Trackback with excerpt

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  1. This is great. I’m thinking of another use for this: using it to send comment excerpts to a TrackBack URL for comment aggregation, similar to what Matt Haughey is doing with his Posted Elsewhere. Is it possible to take the selected text on a page and automatically include it in the excerpt textarea?
    Also, by making the bookmarklet compatible with IE, is it now incompatible with Mozilla? Or should Mozilla users just use the original bookmarklet?

  2. I’ve tested the bookmarklets in Phoenix 0.5 and they seem to work there.
    Regarding bookmarklets for content syndication: With a few simple modifications, I’ll fulfill that wish, although I believe I might have to create browser specific versions.
    I’m also tinkering with creating a standalone Trackback implementation as a bookmarklet, where you can select the URL to trackback either by selecting the URL or type it in manually – watch this space.

  3. Well I just started tryign to use this again, but it doesn’t seem like the quick bookmarlet is working in Firebird. Any idea why? or how to fix it. It just pops the regular bookmarklet window up, not filled in or anything…. this was working before i started using Firebird.
    Also, looking forward to any further developments regarding the trackback usage.

  4. I have some “updated bookmarklets here”: The Mozilla bookmarklet works in Firebird.
    If you don’t want to use the excerpt, just leave it blank.

  5. A Bit On The Side

    This post totally defeats the purpose of what I have just done, really. But what can you, dear reader, do?! If you glance over to the right you should now see some “Asides”. Yep, I’ve finally taken advantage of Trackbacks…