How personal is too personal?

Back when I started blogging, I always imagined that my blogs were something that only me, and a few personal friends would read.
I now realise that that no longer is the truth, my two blogs combined have well over 25 000 pageviews every month, from over 5000 unique IP addresses. Some may be one-time visitors, and others may be returning visitors.
The first question that springs to mind is: Who reads this blog? This is the same question “Brad Choate is asking”: I’m just curious.
The second, important question is: How personal is too personal for a blog? In attempting to satisfy “Human Interest”, and the need to get stuff off one’s chest, where should one draw the line in writing about one’s personal losses and victories? Any examples of blogs where people just go too far, and end up stigmatizing themselves?

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  1. How personal

    How personal is too personal? I guess most webloggers ask that question sooner or later, maybe not all webloggers actually…

  2. The etiquette of reading weblogs

    Rands just had what he described as a “Holy Duh” moment with regard to weblogging, and what weblogs are: The painfully simple question is, “What is a weblog?” The painfully simple answer is, “A weblog is the representation of a person on the Internet.”…

  3. Fig

     /  2003-06-11

    I read your Blog. I don’t know who you are and don’t really care. I don’t imagine you know who I am and that’s fine by me.
    I am trying to learn about good web design and your Blog is an excelent source. I don’t really care what you rant about with regards your personal life, so long as you keep talking sense about web design, I’ll keep coming back.
    Just remember that this is a broadcast medium and if you care about offending or alienating any of your friends or aquaintances (no matter how unlikely they are to read it) then think twice before publishing. Otherwise, carry on, express yourself truely and I’m sure your Blog will benefit. If what you write is not relevant to me (Maybe an ‘in’ joke or a subject I’m not interested in) I’ll just pass over it and move to the next article I can understand. Not a problem and it won’t stop me coming back.
    Thanks for some great reading,
    A. Stranger

  4. My small, innocent question, stirred something in a lot of people, and feel it’s time for a few explanations:
    I asked the same question in both this blog, and in my “other blog”:, mostly to see if the responses I received would be different. And they were. There are some common denominators, like “take care not to hurt other people”, but some of the Norwegian responses were more careful in mentioning that stuff you write may backfire on you, even if what you write exclusively involves yourself.
    The question was more a question to satisfy personal curiousity, than asking my readers whether a change of focus for this blog is OK. This blog will still revolve around web development in general, both small snippets, hints and tips – like now, and, if time permits, some larger projects in the future.
    Like now, any personal stuff I write, will be kept in my “Norwegian weblog”:

  5. Interesting…

    In an article that I found amazingly interesting, Arve asks: “The second, important question is: How personal is too personal for a blog? In attempting to satisfy “Human Interest”, and the need to get stuff off one’s chest, where should…