Bayes for blog comment moderation?

This is really a call for arms to any Perl hackers with serious amounts of hybris out there: I recently installed the latest “POPFile”: from CVS[Concurrent Versioning System] in order to help in auto-scoring messages on Usenet. With great results, I might add. It already seems near perfect at anticipating what I’ll find interesting to read or not, and.
Mark Pilgrim is writing about a “troll in Sam Ruby’s comment system”:, and I’m just wondering: couldn’t Naive Bayesian filtering be used to automoderate weblog comments?
*Update:* Apparently, “Ben Hammersley”: and “Jim Hughes”: are thinking along the same lines as I am.

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  1. How do you use POPfile for nntp? I thought it was POP3 only.

  2. I am using the latest development version, the one that eventually will be named 0.20.0.
    If you are unfamiliar with CVS, there are some “basic instructions here.”: If you are a windows user, and would like a client, you can either download and install “Cygwin”: – or you can install “TortoiseCVS”: – which integrates into the windows shell. TortoiseCVS also has instructions that makes CVS easier to understand.
    If you’re unable to download it from CVS, ask me nicely, and I might offer a zip-file for download 🙂

  3. Ah, thanks. I didn’t notice the CVS part.