Movable Type 2.64

Everybody else have probably told you already, but MT 2.64 is out.

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  1. Just a small bug release. The only “new feature” i could find was RSS 2.0. Veeeery disappointing.
    BTW: Why remove the 0.91 version of RSS? Isn’t it still a little early, too much out there still relies on it IMHO.

  2. 2.64 is mostly a bugfix release. Some of them security-related fixes for cross-site scripting problems.
    There are also some fixes for handling of text filters formatting in the search results, so that my Textile-encoded entries no longer show up with the raw input formatting.
    RSS 0.91 vs. 2.0: Any valid RSS 0.91 document is also a valid RSS 2.0 document, so this is more of a relabelling than an actual change (Although, I _have_ added some more metadata, and I eventually plan to add more).
    If anyone knows of popular aggregators that only handles RSS 0.91, and won’t handle either 1.0 or 2.0, please tell me.