Microsoft core fonts

If you’re running on a non-Microsoft system, browsing the web might be a royal PITA[Pain In The Ass], since many sites choose to use fonts in their CSS that are only natively available on Windows.
If your OS is capable of rendering TrueType-fonts, there is a solution: “Microsoft Core Fonts”: are available for download on SourceForge. The fonts are packaged as RPMs, and available separately as executable files.
The fonts are: Arial Unicode MS, Andale Mono, Courier, Comic Sans MS, Impact, Times New Roman, Trebuchet, Verdana and WebDings.
Hopefully this will make viewing websites a little bit less painful.

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  1. If you (like me) have a dual boot Windows/Linux system, most linux distros these days have the ability to snarf *all* your Windows fonts from your Windows installation. (I’m using Mandrake9.1).