Blog comment spam

For the third time, I was hit by blog comment spamming.
No, I’m not going to tell you which idiot it was this time. I’ve had the distinct feeling that it isn’t the spam itself that’s important. It’s the buzz that the spam creates; I believe that the spammers know the spam will be noticed and deleted. The spammer also knows that someone will comment on this, and even possibly quote the spam, with links and all – effectively moving the spam from some old, and little-viewed entry in your blog to your front page where it will reside in all it’s glory for days.
So, don’t comment on blog spam, just silently delete it. If you still hate it enough to comment on it, don’t quote it, don’t say *who* spammed you.

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  1. What is blog spam. I just set up a blog site recently and allow comments. Are these robots that post comments, and is there a way to block these robots?

  2. It may or may not be automated. I consider blog spam to be any off-topic comment posted solely for the purpose of advertising one’s own service.

  3. So if I comment “Me too/AOL”, and leave it at that. I am spamming?
    BTW: Dave Winer writes about comments spam today, but his Radio blog software seems to be messed up 😉 so there is no way to link directly to it.
    Oh well, back to enjoying the sun and 4 Mbit/s (thanks Nextgentel 😉

  4. No, I don’t think an “AOL/Mee too”-comment qualifies as spam. That might be considered “on-topic”. If someone, like the last blogspam that hit me, just posts an URL not in any way *related* to my original blog entry, I consider it spam.

  5. I’ve put the following hack on my blog to thwart robots trying to post spam:
    It requires that posters have a graphical browser and it excludes blind and text-only users in this form, but I’m experimenting with it, such as it is, and seeking feedback. I’m curious if others might want to try the code which I can make available.

  6. I’ve been browsing around pages on blog comment spam and this is the first one I’ve seen with a linked to “Comment Posting Policy”. I think that’s a great idea and may steal it. 🙂

  7. I get the comment spam at my blog too. But i only get it at saturday and sunday. Some idiot manually cut and paste these spam to my comment area.