Does this being my thirtieth birthday mean that I have to write a token post, exclaiming my happiness over having lived for a relatively round number of years, or can I just ignore it and let the world go on in the same fashion it always has?

Or should I simply take a beating from someone, since “I beat Mark Pilgrim by 62 bytes”:

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  1. A belated happy birthday. 30 is a bit of an arbitrary celebration, linked in to the fact that we have ten fingers and also the orbital period of the planet we inhabit.
    I passed mine about 7 months ago. 32 is a bigger milestone as 2e5 years, and 31 years 251 days 8 hours is bigger still, at 10e9 seconds. 34 years 9 days 1.6 hours is bigger still, at 2e30 seconds.
    I need to get out more.
    Incidentally, the mixture of Textile formatting and URL auto-linking is awkward. Just stick with the former…? Also, caret signs get stripped.