Over the past weeks, I’ve visited some sites and discussion boards frequented by both Opera and Mozilla users.
I might stop doing that. Presumably grown up people resorting to “My dad’s stronger than yours!”-tactics, like this discussion on evolt.org, or this thread in the MozillaZine forums.

Seriously, I think these people are hurting the fight for standards. They are hurting both browsers. Yes, both the Mozilla and Opera lairs are guilty as charged. I believe that J. Random User will write off the products themselves as being only for freaks and geeks if he or she runs into these discussions. Zealots spending lots of energy in writing off the other product as useless.
In having to choose whether to believe the Operanians or The Mozillians, I believe J. Random User will believe both. He’ll believe the Opera fans when they say “Phoenix sucks”, and he (or she) will also believe Phoenixers who say “Opera stinks”. And so, J. Random sticks with MSIE.
Microsoft won’t have any reason to fix their browser, since everybody uses it anyway. Designers won’t fix their broken pages, since it “works in IE.”
The losers? The users!

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  1. sasha

     /  2003-02-10

    You know, I try and stay away from those kinds of discussions. I love Opera. If people like to use Moz, that’s fine. I’m just tired of the Moz zealots that come and stir up a hornets nest by coming to the Opera newsgroups/forums or wherever and start flinging mud (don’t think Safari people are any better, either).
    I lost a lot of respect for the Evolt community when I read that article yesterday and saw a positive article about my favorite browser, which tends to receive very little media lovin, turn into… well… that.

  2. Zealots

    Virtuelvis has a nice rant whose sentiments I share exactly: Minority browser users should really make up… I think both