Toying with PNG

I am, as you might have noticed, regularily “toying with alpha transparency and PNG”:
I am also toying with it for the redesign of this blog. For this, I thought having a small library of PNGs to choose from would be nice, so I didn’t have to recreate them all the time. So I did just that. I created 81 PNG files, with opacities from 10% to 90%, from the colors white, black, grey, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow.
The images are 200×200 pixels, suitable for use as background images, and are optimized using PNGCrush, using pngcrush -brute -rem gAMA -rem tEXt, creating files between 610 and 615 bytes.
Whether these are useful to you or not, only you know. You can download and use them as you please. Consider them public domain.

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