Tables without tables

For my other weblog, I can afford to experiment, layout-wise. A large portion of the readers are already using CSS-capable browsers (Just to clarify, I’m not counting MSIE among them), and there are many regular readers. Readers that know I’m prone to experimenting with layout, readers that accept a site that might not look the same in every browser.

So, I did just that, experimented. This time with using display: table and with Conditional Comments to create some fallback style rules for MSIE.
Even if you don’t read Norwegian, and can’t make heads nor tail of the content, take a peek, both with MSIE and other browsers. Opera 6, Opera 7, Mozilla and Phoenix are known to work successfully, and create the exact visual appearance I was aiming for.
Since I was done just a matter of hours ago, there might still be some missing functionality and minor glitches, but I have control over most of them.
If you test with any other browsers that the ones mentioned, and it breaks past any point of accessibility, please notify me by either pinging this post, or by leaving a regular comment.

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