Re: Design

Some days ago, I promised a redesign. Here it is. It should work everywhere, but is by far prettiest in fairly CSS-compliant browsers, such as Mozilla or Opera.

Some highlights:

  • No popups.
  • Minimal use of divs, spans and classes.
  • Uses adjacent and sibling selectors.
  • Degrades gracefully. Consider MSIE a browser that gets degraded layout
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict everywhere.
  • Minimal use of browser workarounds.
  • Comments have their own permalinks.

There are ofcourse things on my ToDo-list:

  • Minor text-styling glitches in the stylesheet. Or rather: Some stuff is still unstyled.
  • I’ll be writing an accessibility statement in a few days, when the CSS has settled.
  • Templates. Not all of them are updated yet, but this should be done in a matter of hours.
  • I’ve taken search offline until I have decided on how to implement the search function most efficiently.
  • Print and projection stylesheets are on their way. Perhaps even CSS for handhelds.
  • Either MT-Textile or MT is adding <span class=”caps”> to all uppercased words. I’ve got to make it stop. Either it’s an acronym or abbreviation and should be treated as such, or it isn’t and should be ignored.

Regarding accessibility: You will find that this site does not use accesskeys. This is something I’ve been thinking about, and I’m not at all sure they are a good idea. There are a lot of sites out there, and if someone is to implement their own access keys, this means a user will have to learn and remember new access keys for each and every site out there. It should be more up to the browser implementers to create browsers that are keyboard-friendly.

I’d appreciate if anyone cared to point out if there are errors, pages that fail to validate, or if this site degrades in a bad fashion in your browser. The comments section is the place.

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  1. Looks great!
    …in Opera 7. Not at all that good in IE6, but nice in Mozilla 1.01 except that the background image is ‘jumping’ while scrolling. Don’t know if that’s a bug which has been sorted in more recent versions.
    Well done!

  2. It is really beautiful, but in Konqueror 3.1 when I scroll down the content column don’t move, just upper and right goes “up”. I had to resize the screen to read what is “below the mark”.