Bleeding edge?

Early feedback for the recent redesign of this blog, and my other, Norwegian blog is in. And, amazingly, for the most part stuff just works. There does seem to be a couple of problem children, though. Konqueror is one, and since that is one, I presume sibling Safari is the other.
On this site, the ability to scroll seems quite random — random in the sense that sometimes the header of the page scrolls, but not the main content or the right-hand menu. Or sometimes the opposite happens. At least, this is what happens in Konqueror 3.1.0. I am unsure if Safari is affected.
In my Norwegian blog, Konqueror for the most part works great, except one thing. I’m using generated content to create moving list bullets. Like this:
bc.. div.navbar > ul li a:before {
content: “\25B9\00A0”;
div.navbar > ul li a:hover:before {
content: “\00A0\25B8”;
p. The \25B9\00A0 are Unicode references, but sadly Konqueror seems to ignore that and renders them literally, leaving a lot of 25B900A0’s visible in my document where they shouldn’t be. I presume that Safari is affected as well.
Since Dave Hyatt seems to be the only guy working with Konqueror/Safari that’s present in the blogosphere I am pinging the latest entry in his log. Hopefully to get some feedback from actual Safari users.

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  1. Looking at this page through Safari right now. Also looked at the Norwegian blog. I can’t read that one, but the design looks alright in Safari. It matches what Mozilla renders.

  2. Ok, so at least Safari does better, and it probably means it will work properly in Konqueror soon enough. I can live with that.

  3. Thomas Castiglione

     /  2003-02-26

    I’m a Safari user too, and both this site and your Norwegian one work properly for me.