Ignoring browsers

I’m having a dilemma. In creating this site, one of the things I wanted to do was to create a repriosity of designs and techniques that work well in standards-supporting browsers – browsers that have more than decent CSS support, that have proper support for file formats and MIME-types. Browsers that we will be using a couple of years from now.
One of the problems I know I’m going to run in to here is MSIE‘s lack of proper CSS2 support. No generated content, no fixed positioning. No tinkering with using CSS to create table-like layouts. No advanced selectors. Not to mention some of the nifty things I want to do with Alpha-channel PNGs
So, the main problem comes with laying out the main templates: should I start treating IE6 like I used to treat Netscape 4? Which basically means creating a design that degrades gracefully, but not take into account that it should look right in MSIE, just work? Views, anyone?

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  1. Toman

     /  2003-02-09

    hmm…running into the same troubles myself, Arve 🙂
    I’ve decided to degrade (gracefully?) and retain functionality.
    I mean, this was how every other author treated every other browser when IE was king ruling over Netscape 4. How else are we going to make people use better browsers?
    The approach is in the spirit of CSS and developement of everything else in general. If we were to refrain from using certain features of CSS just because an old browser doesn’t support them, whats the point of having them at all?
    That’s what X(HT)ML and CSS is for; The User agents who don’t support something, don’t, but still retains functionality.

  2. T. Rex

     /  2003-02-10

    I am glad to see this. I have been spending days trying to figure out how to keep a fixed position menu on my page without using frames. It works fine in Mozilla and Opera. In IE the effect is lost and the page looks like garbage — but no content is lost. You have given me the courage to say tough to non-compliant browsers, even if it is most viewers.
    I think I will do the same with the Q element and forget worrying about work-arounds that mess up compliant browsers.
    Thanks for the incentive.

  3. Toman

     /  2003-02-10

    ….I have trouble seing how a fixed menu must look like garbage in IE.
    And not looking for workarounds and fallbacks is quite stupid if it involves *most* readers.
    Garbage is never good, but as long as you can make the page look better using current implementations(which are standards), do so. (selectors and transparent PNG’s, for instance, do little harm even if your IE readers would not see their effect.)